Heimann Family – Brisbane

A person suddenly wakes up one morning and decides that they…..want to live in Australia!

What causes a 50 year old to reassess his life one morning and make a change from studies, military service, friends, work and lifestyle? A change of such an extent that one needs to cross the ocean to the other side of the world and land in Australia?

At the time when most 50 years olds are considering retirement, there are people who are starting anew- learning a new language, experiencing a different culture and establishing a new business.

Dina, after 25 years as a librarian in Israel, which is consistent and exciting work took early retirement. Dani, originally a farmer, had 30 years in total as a salaried employee and as a self employed consultant. We both decided to make a change! Our last chance to do something that we desired- not what we should do but what we wanted to do!

The closest one gets to heaven in this world is Australia. In addition to which, our eldest son Ran was already located in Brisbane, Queensland for his undergraduate studies. We packed and left that quickly. We came to see up close, we checked out the country and we fell in love with what we saw!!!

“Kangaroo Migration Services” = Advocate Lisa Segelov, was our first port of call to explore our options. Advocate Segelov asked, we answered. Advocate Segelov summed it up and said- possible! You can immigrate on a business visa. And in typical Australian fashion, thorough, began working stage after stage until the checklist was completed. One needs lots of patience, the ability to take the long view over many months, and of course money along the way.

Everything that was promised to us about the process was fulfilled. The immigration process is rather complicated and Australians do NOT try to cut corners or make the process easier-everything is according to the book.

After receipt of the visa-the Australian authorities do everything that is possible to assist. Dani decided to establish a company for marketing safety and rescue equipment and Dina searched for something creative to do combining work with people. Taking into account the weather in Brisbane most of the year- the most natural idea was ice-cream! Exactly one year ago, “Shlix Gelato” was established in Brisbane in the heart of the thriving recreation centre in the city – the Valley. The decision to establish an “ice-cream parlour” included a lengthy period where the whole family contributed to the operation- Ran our eldest son who is 28 years old, Nir who is 25 years old, and Matan who is 19 were and still are full partners in the business. We researched this type of business in a thorough fashion that included the tasting of lots and lots of ice-cream throughout Australia.

The ice-cream parlour in the very active recreational district of Brisbane is open at unconventional hours-during the week until midnight and on the weekends until the early morning. The atmosphere at the ice-cream parlour is friendly, inviting and hosts young artists who can bring their art and graffiti to the walls of the ice-cream parlour.

Once every few months, the walls are painted and we start all over again. We “sell” our own experience.

Many of the visitors are regular guests who hang around to take in the atmosphere, and tell ice-cream stories from all over the world. There are travellers that regularly hang around for more than half an hour to enjoy the experience and selec_t ice-cream in containers to take back to their countries of origin.

Since the ice-cream parlour has been established, the whole family has worked irregular hours to give tasters this experience. When asked if this round-the-clock work during the past year has been worth it, we willingly respond without even a moment’s hesitation “Yes”.

Shlix Gelato won 1st prize from the Queensland Government as the selected new business for 2007. The prize was granted to the business on the basis of its consistently outstanding products, fabulous service and amazing atmosphere.

We wish to express our enormous gratitude to Advocate Lisa Segelov and the team at Kangaroo Migration Services, under the leadership of Eti, for their help, professionalism, attention to detail, friendly service, translation of bountiful documents and the endless ” Aussie ” patience that accompanied us throughout the stages of the preparation, submission and receipt of the visa.

The Heiman Family
Dani, Dina, Nir, Ran and Matan
Brisbane, Australia
Please free to contact us by email – heimannd@gmail.com