USA Immigration

The United States of America (USA) admits between 1.49-1.6 million legal immigrants each year. This number does not represent the actual number of people settling in the USA lawfully-rather it represents the total number of people who were granted permanent residence (“green cards”), half of whom are already living in the USA, some illegally and others legally on temporary visas. Statistics from the Census Bureau show that in March 2017, a new record of 43.7 million foreign-born persons was reached in the USA. The data also indicates that the five year period, 2012-2017 has been the highest 5 year period of immigration in American history.

The mechanism for selecting legal immigrants to the USA is very complex, however all legal immigration flows have at least four components:

(a) The Family Component

The family immigration program admits the spouses, parents and minor children of US citizens without numerical limits and has limited categories for adult sons and daughters of US citizens, the siblings of citizens and the spouses and children of non-citizens.

(b) An Employment Component 

The employment-based visa categories compromise a complicated collection of preferences ranging from “priority workers” to unskilled and religious workers and investors.

(c) A Humanitarian Component

The humanitarian categories include refugees, asylees and those receiving “cancellation of removal” (that is, longtime illegal aliens whose deportation would cause hardship for US family members).

(d) Visa Lottery Component

In addition, there is a Visa Lottery for people from countries other than the primary sources of current immigration.

Student Visas or Temporary Work Visas

In addition, there are many categories, where one is able to apply for a temporary visa such as a Student Visas or Temporary Work Visas.


You may be eligible for a number of different visa categories. Each visa category has different requirements and obligations so that it is best to seek professional advice in order to select the visa most beneficial and suitable to your circumstances.

Kangaroo Migration Services is a company that has for many years dealt with and continues to deal with immigration and the obtaining of all types of visas (short term and long term) to the USA.

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