Slava – Sydney, Australia

Hi, my name is Slava, I’m 26 years old guy and this is my story…
In 2006, I finished quite a challenging compulsory military service but I lacked self confidence in one area: ‘English’. I couldn’t speak, read or understand English at all. Therefore I made a decision; rather than having a relaxing trip after completing my army service, I would visit an Anglo-Saxon country where I could learn English. I knew I had to learn English before commencing any tertiary academic studies, otherwise it would be very difficult for me as most of the textbooks and articles studied at tertiary level are in English.

I chose to visit Sydney, Australia as I knew a guy who lived in Sydney and he offered to help me bit at the beginning. My plan was to visit Australia for one year and spend most of the time learning the language by communicating as much as possible with Australians. Unfortunately, my plans were not adhered to as my friend was Russian and his friends were Russian students. Secondly, I had a tourist visa which meant that I was not able to work or find a local a job and therefore I had no money. In the end I spent six months partying with my friends and improving my Russian to a standard of excellence – however these were not my goals.

During these six months I decided that I wanted to study in Sydney and so I returned to Israel to organise a student visa. I enrolled in studies in a vocational college in Sydney to study accounting. I remained in Israel to for eight months, working to save money and improving my English. My visa application was handled by Advocate Lisa Segelov of Kangaroo Migration Services Limited who with great efficiency, speed and knowledge obtained a student visa for me within a month.
In 2008, I felt I was ready to leave my family, friends, and basically all my life in Israel behind to start a new one in Bondi, Sydney, Australia.


I commenced my initial studies in the college and continued for about six months but I wasn’t entirely happy with the college. In the meantime, I found a part-time job in a liquor and food supermarket, rented an apartment and passed the IELTS test which was necessary in order to be accepted into one of the universities in Sydney.
Last year, I was accepted into the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) I am now about to commence my second year of my Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Accounting and Marketing.
I have been working in the same place, that is, the Liquor & Food supermarket, since my first three months in Sydney. Recently, I got promoted and now I work as a supervisor.
I’m glad I made the difficult decision to come to Australia. Australia is an amazing country as it has provided me with the best environment for my studies.
Australia is a relaxing country and its living cost is quite low in comparison to Israel. I have meet people from all around the world, practicing my English and enjoying the nature and beauty of Australia.
Upon completion of my studies, I intend to apply for a permanent resident visa. The Since I wll be stand most probably I’ll receive it because an Accounting considered as one of the demanded professions in Australia. I do sure about one thing – to Israel I will be able to come back anytime and I really want. One aspect to mention, the Uni fees are expensive hence my father pays the University fees but all the living expenses I pay.
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