Why should I use Kangaroo Migration Services and not undertake the immigration process by myself?

The immigration process is complex, lengthy and complicated. For each country there are many Read More >

What services does Kangaroo Migration Services offer it clients?

The goal of Kangaroo Migration Services is to provide clients with tailored expert solutions, Read More >

What are my chances of success?

Kangaroo Migration Services will not proceed with any matter unless we believe that there is a Read More >

What will a visa application cost?

Fees payable to the government of the country you wish to immigrate to vary for permanent, Read More >

How long does it take to process a visa application?

Processing times vary depending on the type of visa, country where lodged and the quality of the Read More >

How long do I have to arrive in the country I received a permanent visa for?

You must arrive in the country that issued you the visa within the time period specified on the Read More >

What does my visa allow me to do?

The visa permits the bearer of the visa to travel to and to enter the country that issued the visa Read More >

How long can a permanent resident visa holder remain in the country that issued the visa?

In general, a permanent resident visa holder is allowed unlimited travel and entry to the country Read More >

Will I receive evidence of my visa if my application is successful?

In most cases, a visa is issued when a visa label is placed in your passport and this is prima Read More >

Will my visa cease/become invalid when I leave the country that issued the visa?

Your visa may cease when you leave the country that granted you the visa. If you intend to return Read More >

What happens to my visa if my passport is lost or stolen?

Losing a passport does not affect the visa granted to you. Your passport contains evidence of the grant of the visa rather than the visa itself. The visa is the permission that is given to you to Read More >

What happens if my visa expires?

A non-citizen of a country whose visa expires becomes unlawful and is liable for detention and removal from that country. If you become unlawful and this fact is known to the Department of Read More >

What do I do if my circumstances change?

You have an obligation to notify the Department of Immigration in writing if any of the information that is included in or with your application form ( or provided later in support of your application ) changes. Read More >

Can I apply for more than one visa at a time?

Nothing prevents you from applying for more than one visa at a time. You will need to comply, in respect of each application, with all the requirements Read More >

Can I hold more than one visa at a time?

You can not hold more than one visa at the same time. If Read More >

If I submitted an application for a visa and it was refused am I able to appeal this decision or reapply again for this visa?

Most decisions made by the Department of Immigration can be appealed and/or reviewed. However there are strict time limits for Read More >

If I was visiting on a tourist visa and I want to revisit the same country, how much time do I need to wait before applying for a new tourist visa?

In order to reapply for a tourist visa to a country that you have visited for the maximum amount of time allowed on a tourist visa, you will generally need to Read More >

Why do I need a work visa?

In order to work in a country you need a visa that enables its bearer to Read More >

If I have relatives in a country am I able to apply for a visa on the grounds of family reunification?

The mere fact that one has family in a country does NOT necessarily form the basis for an immigration application for family reunification. Read More >

What is the points test?

Canada, New Zealand, Britain and Australia have skilled migration programs that are based on the professional skills and experience of the applicant Read More >

How can I be sure that I will be able to financially support my family after I have immigrated?

In the preliminary stages, you should carefully check out the cost of living in the country you intend to immigrate to and all of the factors related Read More >

How do I obtain a police certificate?

In every country a police certificate confirming that you and any of your dependents over the age of 18, are of good character is required to be Read More >

What is the IELTS English test?

The IELTS English test is an international English language testing system that provides a grading of one's English language ability. The IELTS test is the standard test for proving Read More >

Can I take my pet with me when I immigrate?

Pets can immigrate with you subject to compliance with the quarantine rules and regulations of the country you intend to immigrate to. Read More >

What health checks are required and where do I undertake to do them?

All applicants for permanent visas and for some temporary long term visas as well as their dependents are requited to undergo health examinations to ensure that Read More >

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