Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and the USA have a diverse range of visas available for the purpose of migration and permanent residency. The immigration rules, regulations and procedures in each country vary and are complex, comprehensive and are constantly changing. In addition, each individual applicant needs to be assessed on his own merits taking into account his/her particular circumstances. An assessment of an individual requires knowledge and experience, and to this extent, Kangaroo Migration Services will maximize your chance for a successful application saving yourself time, money and many sleepless nights. 
Kangaroo Migration Services specializes in the following visas/immigration processes: 

- Skilled Professional Migration Visas
- Business Skills Migration Visas
- Marriage and Partnership Visas
- Family Visas
- Short-term work Visas
- Long- term work Visas
- Employer Sponsored Visas
- Training Visas
- Student Visas
- Tourist Visas
- Investment Visas
- Relocation of Company Visas
- Temporary Resident Visas
- Permanent Resident Visas
- Entrepreneurial Visas
Kangaroo Migration Services provides the following services:

- Initial assessment to examine the chances of applying for a visa;
- Preparation of work recommendations and references;
- Preparation of curriculum vitae;
- Skills assessment preparation and submission;
- Translation of documents into the English language and notarization of documents;
- Preparation of the visa application and all of the required documents in accordance with the immigration laws and regulations;
- Submission of the visa application to the appropriate organization; and
- Follow-up correspondence and the monitoring of the application until receipt of the visa.

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