Ben – Immigration to England

I immigrated to the United Kingdom in accordance with the Highly Skilled Migration Programme ( HSMP ) and I have lived in London for three years. It is one of the most fascinating and interesting places that I have discovered in my life!

In the beginning it was difficult as all things are, however I have now found my place and feel part of the society.

Since I immigrated, I have been managing a branch of a software company in London and have gained immense professional experience in the field meeting new challenges each day. My co-employees are pleasant and drink tea every hour!

London is a very cosmopolitan city – most of my friends today are immigrants from different countries such as Sweden, Spain, Italy and so on who now live in London. Such a variety of people from all over the world creates an interesting and multicultural society from which one can learn about different cultures on a daily basis including their various foods and behaviour.

As a person who very much enjoys his night-life, my recreational life is outstanding and every day there is something new to do and discover such as bars, fantastic clubs and pubs and restaurants.

During the weekend, my friends and I travel throughout England, Scotland and Wales – all of the places being several hours journey on the train from London. The green views are breathtaking and one can indeed relax and take a break from the vibrant buzz of the city of London. Occasionally we also take the Eurostar (the international train) that is a mere two hours journey from Paris, Brussels and the rest of the centre of Europe….everything is very close to London.

After three years, I have learnt to accept the well-mannered English manner and culture. I have also learnt the English language to a level of fluency.

In another two years, I will be making an application for full British citizenship and this will allow me to enjoy all of the benefits of a British citizen.

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