Romi and Maor – We have visas to Australia!

The thought of moving to Australia has been with us for many years, and a few month ago we decided to go for it. We arrived at Adv. Lisa Segelov through Internet Recommendations, a little like the one you are reading now. We decided to make the call, and already a few days later we had the first meeting. The connection was instant, we immediately felt we had someone we could trust.

Lisa’s help with the whole process was amazing. Not only did she manage to get us the visa in record time (two and a half months after our first meeting), but she also led us through every step of the way, always available, pleasant, and professional. All that during a difficult time here in Israel.

Her availability, patience, and accurate answers to any question that arose made the whole process comfortable, pleasant, and accessible.

Lisa always made sure to listen to our needs, understand them and adjust the service accordingly. She has proven to us that there is room for humanity and professionalism to coincide.

We highly recommend Lisa’s kind and professional service to anyone looking for legal advice about immigration.

The move itself is yet ahead of us, but we know we are in good hands moving forward.

Thank you very much!

Peri Romi and Adam Maor