During recent years, Australia, Canada, Britain, New Zealand and the USA have strongly encouraged overseas students to come and study at their various educational institutes and to this extent a diverse number of programs have been set up for non-residents who wish to study. 

Student visas are only granted to applicants who undertake to study a registered course ( or part thereof ) at a recognized university, college, trade school, institution, primary or secondary school. Before applying for a student visa, it is advisable to check that the place where you wish to study is recognized by the Department of Immigration of that specific country otherwise a student visa will not be granted-please refer to each specific country for a list of recognized educational institutions. 

In most instances, to obtain a letter of enrolment for a specific course, the applicant must provide evidence of a certain level of English. The level of English required differs according to the individual course and the requirements of the specific educational institution. 

Another requirement to obtain a student visa is proof of sufficient funds. Each country has its own requirements as to the amount of funds needed-please refer to the specific country where you intend to study. 

A student visa is valid for the duration of the studies of the visa holder. Once studies have been completed, or in the event that the visa holder does not complete his/her studies, then the visa will no longer be valid. 

In some countries, the student visa holder graduate is able to apply for a work visa or a permanent residency ( immigration ) visa upon completion of his/her studies.

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