Introduction & Facts

Cradling ideals of democracy and capitalism, Americans have rigorously embraced their Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The US introduced the world to the right to the pursuit of happiness and the right to free speech, creating the richest, most resourceful and ingenious country on earth. America’s melting pot of nations and immigrants is continually evolving and has given way to a re-emphasis on the old country and cultures while contributing to the nation. As world leaders and the only superpower, the US has escorted the world out of war, into war, ushered the world into a nuclear age and since the tragedy of September 11, is waging a war against terror in the name of freedom.

The continent’s first inhabitants walked into North America from Asia more than 20,000 years ago. A Norwegian explorer was the first European to reach North America, some 500 years before Columbus in 1492. The Spanish founded the first permanent European settlement in St Augustine, Florida, and the first British settlement in 1607, brought with it the first Africans.

The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the willingness of the United States to open its doors to immigrants and in recent years more than 700,000 immigrants arrive to U.S. shores each year.


Full country name: The United States of America (USA)
Date of Independence: July 4 1776
Population: 326.55 million (May 2018)
Area: 3,618,000 square miles (9,370,000 square km)
Capital city: Washington, DC (pop: 696,000 as at May 2018)
People: Caucasian (71%), African American (12%), Latino (12%), Asian (4%), Native American (0.9%)
Languages: English, plus many secondary languages, chiefly Spanish
Religion: Protestant (56%), Roman Catholic (28%), Jewish (2%), Muslim (1%)
Government: Federal Republic of 50 states
President: Donald J, Trump since November 2017
Army: Voluntary – The United States Army consists of professional soldiers only
Weekend: 2 days Saturday, Sunday
Major Industries: Oil, electronics, computers, automobile manufacturing, aerospace industries, agriculture, telecommunications, chemicals, mining, processing and packaging
Currency: US Dollar

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