Jewish Community

American Jewry extends as far back as 1654, where it has been estimated at 25 Jews. The Jewish population in the United States is currently more 5.5 million (about 2.5% of the total U.S. population) and is the 2nd largest Jewish community in the world, after Israel. Approximately 43% of the Jewish population lives in the Northeast region of the country. Other interesting statistics on American Jewry include: 55% of Jewish adults have earned at least a bachelor’s degree, 62% of Jews are employed and 59% of these people work in management, business and professional/technical positions. The median household income of the Jewish population is about $50,000, while 19% of all Jewish households are low income ($25,000 or less per year).

Today, the United States and Israel are the closest of friends and allies. During more than four decades of state-building, Israelis have looked to the United States for inspiration, financial and military assistance, and diplomatic support. Americans, in turn, have viewed Israel with a special appreciation for its successful effort to follow the Western democratic tradition, its remarkable economic development, and its determined struggle against its uncompromising enemies. In facilitating this relationship somewhat, Jews have also devoted themselves to politics – Jews have the highest percentage voter turnout of any ethnic group. Similarly, Jews today, occupy more political positions than ever before. In the 115th Congress, 5.6 per cent of Congress is Jewish- 28 Democrats and 2 Republicans. Jews are now Supreme Court Justices and hold key Administration posts.

Another distinguishing feature of American Jewry is its adherence to more modern and pluralist forms of Judaism: including Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist Judaism. The introduction of non-Orthodox Judaism into America has been associated with the arrival of German intellectuals in the early 19th century, yet the first stirrings of American Reform has native roots in Charleston, South Carolina where Hebrew prayers were followed by an English translation; new prayers were added to reflect contemporary American life; music and the playing of an organ were introduced into the service; worship took place without head coverings; confirmation classes for boys and girls, the second day of festival observances were abandoned and, eventually family seating rather than the separation of men and women.


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