The United Kingdom has become one of the most popular destinations for immigration due to its close proximity to Europe. From 2010-2016, an estimated average of 495,000 non-British citizens moved to the UK with the intention of staying for 12 months or longer.

The United Kingdom is an attractive destination for migration because of its financial opportunities, its stable democratic government, and its developed publicly funded healthcare system. Economic and labor market factors are major drivers of international migration. Favorable economic growth and the demands for specialists in certain occupations have increased the demand for both high and low skilled labor. However, work is currently the main reason for immigration to the UK. In addition, language, study opportunities and established networks are all factors that encourage people to immigrate to the UK. The ubiquity of English as a second language around the world is an important factor in many people’s decision to choose the UK as a destination. UK universities and colleges are a significant reason for international migration to the UK and this is reflected in the fact that the UK has the second highest number of international students after the USA.

The process for receiving a visa to the UK can by a long and convoluted process. Kangaroo Migration offers a comprehensive service to find the right visa for you and obtain an entry clearance for you into the United Kingdom as quickly as possible.


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