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The Australian Jewish community can be traced to the first European settlers in 1788 and is the largest in the Asian region. Today, Australia possesses a vibrant Jewish community of approximately 110,000 whom, predominantly live in Melbourne and Sydney, but smaller communities are scattered throughout the country in places such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, the Gold Coast, Perth, and even in Hobart. In recent years the Former Soviet Union and South Africa have been the principal sources of immigration.

Approximately 50 per cent of the Jewish community is Holocaust survivors, their descendants or have close relatives amongst the victims of the Nazi Genocide. Australian Jewry holds the highest percentage of Holocaust survivors of any other Jewish community in the world.

The leading communal organization is the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. Jewish Australians are concerned with promoting continued involvement in the Jewish community and have many Jewish avenues including: two Jewish weekly newspapers (the Melbourne and Sydney editions of the Australian Jewish News); each week Australia’s ethnic radio stations feature several hours of programming of Jewish interest in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish; Maccabi Australia fostering Jewish sporting activity; Zionist and religious youth groups; over 100 synagogues affiliated with all major religious movements throughout Australia; mikveot, kosher butchers, bakers, and restaurants. There are also two kosher hotels in Melbourne and new Jewish museums in both Sydney and Melbourne.

All events, synagogues, organizations and everything you need to know about the Jewish community in Australia is available at:

What makes the Australian Jewish community most distinguishable from other English-speaking Jewish communities is its high rate of enrollment in Jewish day schools (75% of all primary school pupils and 55% of all high school pupils) and relatively low rate of intermarriage. Although this rate is increasing, it is still much lower than anywhere else in the Western world.

Australian Jewish days schools with websites include:

Massada College:

Carmel School:

Gold Coast:
King Solomon College:

Sinai College:


The King David School (Reform):
Beth Rivka Ladies’ College (Orthodox):
Yeshiva Men’s College (Orthodox):
Adass Israel School (Ultra Orthodox) -# 97239523 6422
Sholem Aleichem College:
Leibler Yavneh College (Modern Orthodox): 
Bialik College: 
Mount Scopus Memorial College:
Doncaster Jewish Day School:

Kesser Torah:
Masada College: 
Moriah College:
Mount Sinai College:
Emanuel School:


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