Retirement Visa

An applicant who is over 60 years old, can demonstrate that he/she has an income of 25,000 pounds sterling per year, is not required to work and has a close connection to England is able to apply for a retirement visa. A close connection is defined as a close relative in the UK, previous UK residence, business connections/interests in the UK or a strong sense of identity with the UK.

An retirement visa holder is allowed to manage his/her portfolio (including property investments) in the UK, however he/she is not able to work in any other field except for non-executive directorships.

The applicant needs to apply for the visa in his/her country of nationality or usual residence.

A retirement visa is usually issued for four years. After the four year period has expired and provided that the applicant still has an income of 25,000 pounds sterling or more, indefinite leave to remain will be granted to the applicant.


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